Getting Started: Visual Astronomy released

Getting Started: Visual Astronomy is quite a departure for me as most of you know I am primarily an astrophotographer and spend comparably very little time visually observing. When you are imaging for up to ten hours at a stretch however that still leaves a lot of time for visual observing, so compared to many others around me I do a lot of visual observing. It is all relative. There are a lot of fantastic books on general astronomy and observational astronomy. The one thing that I could never find however is a book that got right to the point on how to visually observe that was easily portable. This led me to do the research and write my own.

Getting Started: Visual Astronomy Getting Started: Visual Astronomy is a standard sized book just like my others that gets right to the heart of the matter. It is designed to get you up and observing quickly. It answers all the basic questions and some of the more advanced ones as well making sure you know how to use the equipment you have, and what equipment you may be interested in purchasing. From naked eye observations, through binoculars and all the way to the different types of large telescopes, you will find all the information you need to get out under the stars and begin your journey. It even includes a few biographies of important people such as the father of modern observational astronomy, Galileo Galilei, so that you get a feel for the history of observational astronomy.

You can get more information, read the table of contents and introduction and more at the book’s home page here:

Look for Getting Started: Visual Astronomy in both print and Kindle editions from Amazon. The first person to review the book on Amazon had this to say: “This book will help you get started in Astronomy and answers every question you have plus plenty more you didn’t know you had. From buying your first telescope to how to read star maps this book offers a step by step guide on everything. Written in a well structured format that makes the information easy to digest. Well worth the sticker price for the amount of information contained. I highly recommend.”

I hope you enjoy Getting Started: Visual Astronomy!

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