Resize A Watch Bracelet

If you need to resize a watch bracelet, don’t worry, it is a very easy and straight forward procedure. There are two basic ways a watch links can be assembled, using pins that press out, or pins that screw out. We will discuss the much more common press out pins here. You need a few tools to deal with the watch links, a little patience, and a little practice. To start with, we need a watch:
A watch with a steel bracelet
Look closely at the watch links, see the three parts that link everything together? There is a pin that runs through there. Now that we have the watch that needs resizing we need the first of our watch band resizing tools, a watch band pin remover sometimes called a watch link remover:
Bracelet pin removal tool
This is a very inexpensive tool, about $20, it comes with the short pins that most bracelets use, and the longer pins that are needed for Omegas. Since we are working here on an Omega I have the long pin installed already. Next, take a look at the back of the bracelet at the links. You should see an arrow like this:
A link from a bracelet
This tells you which way to drive the pin in and out. Line up the bracelet in the tool, making sure that the drift pin in the tool lines up exactly with the pin in the band (if the pin is too high or too low, adjust it by using the stand offs (the two black plastic U shaped pieces)).and tighten the tool, you should see the pin come out like this:
using the tool to remove a pin
In this example you can clearly see the arrow on the link, and can see the pin is almost all the way out. To remove it completely you will need a small pair of pliers to grab it and pull. Be careful as you remove the pin not to drop the watch links or pin as they can be difficult to replace should you lose or damage one.
To put it back in (going the same direction as it came out, following the arrow) you need to drive the pin in by placing the side of the band on a hard surface and using a very small brass hammer (a brass hammer or tip to help prevent damage) slowly and carefully drive the pin back into the link. Here are the tools I use for this:
Tools to help with removing and installing watch link pins
It probably goes without saying but to resize a watch band you add links if the watch is too tight and remove links if it is too loose. Watch links also sometimes come in half sizes for making minor adjustments.
That is all there is to it! Good luck!
Although I prefer the above tools, if you only need to do it once and need something on the cheap, you can also get a watch band resize kit from amazon. You can also finds ome links, pins and more tools by searching amazon for watch links.
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Now you know how to resize a watch bracelet!

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