Nikon FM2n FAQ

I hope this Nikon FM2n FAQ helps to inform you about this camera and answers all your questions. If you have any additional questions you can email them to me and I will add them to the FAQ. Please keep in mind that this FAQ is new and incomplete, I will be updating it as time allows.

The Nikon FM2n FAQ is written and maintained by me,  Allan Hall.

Here is a partial list of features of the FM2n:

Operational Modes

Manual Only

Other functions

DOF Preview– Lever on the front allows previewing of the depth of field
Self Timer– For 10-second delay with mirror lock-up.
Multiple Exposures Lever– Located on the film advance shaft towards the front of the camera.

Optional Accessories

MF-16 Databack– Allows frame count, date, etc to be exposed onto negative.
Motor Drive– MD-11 or MD-12, MD-12 will power the camera’s meter.
Focusing Screens– K2, B2 and E2

General Information

The FM2n is the latest replacement for the FM(1977). This fully manual camera extends the FM’s shutter speed range to 1/4000 of a second while increasing the amount of information displayed in the viewfinder. The FM2n displays shutter speed, aperture and a 5 stage LED display +/- exposure meter and a flash ready light with SB-15 and newer flash units.


Q: What functions does the camera have without a battery?
A: All functions except meter.

Q: Will the FM2n use the newer EDIF and AF lenses?
A: Yes, but only to the maximum capabilities of the camera (No AF)

Q: Is this a good camera for a beginner?
A: Yes, this is fantastic for the novice who wants an all manual camera. For something that also offers automatic modes at a cheaper price see the Nikon FG FAQ. For something much more advanced see the Nikon FA FAQ.

Q: Is this a good camera for a professional or serious amateur?
A: As a backup or extremely cold weather camera, absolutely. As a primary camera, I would recommend the FA.

Q: Does the FM2n come in black and chrome?
A: Yes.

Here is the FM2 series manual. Here is the FM2 series service/repair manual.

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