Audio Commentary

This astronomy audio commentary section is here to house my audio commentary of astronomy objects, product reviews, how tos, podcasts and more.

Commentary on astronomy objects is designed to give you an idea of how to find and observe celestial objects in your telescope. A great example being my Messier audio commentary. You can have all the pictures and text you want, but sometimes hearing someone tell you where to look and what you should see in your eyepiece can be helpful. I have used different telescopes and different eyepieces to give you and broader view of the objects. My intent is to include multiple types of telescopes for each object’s audio commentary.

Product reviews are mostly going to be readings of printed reviews found in the News/Blog section and elsewhere on the website. These are great to listen to while you are doing other things where you can’t really be reading.

How tos will most likely be similar to the product reviews in that they appear in text elsewhere on the site. There is a pretty broad array of how tos already on the site and I hope to catch up and provide audio for them all soon.

Podcasts are something new I am toying with and as of this writing don’t exist yet. I have ideas of doing interviews and more that will go here. Time will tell. If you are interested in a very good astronomy related podcast, check out my favorite, Astronomy Cast audio commentary.

If you have an idea for an astronomy audio program you would like to see, use the contact form to drop me a line. I also welcome comments and suggestions as to your preferred delivery method of the audio. Right now they are simply embedded MP3 files. I am certainly open to other suggestions if it makes it easier for you to listen to the audio commentary.

Thanks for listening to my astronomy audio commentary!

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