Astrophotography forum back up and running

Relaunch of the AS Astrophotography Forum!

When I first started writing books I thought setting up a forum for support of the books would be a good idea. Unfortunately I never really kept up with it and soon it fell by the wayside. It soon broke to the point that new users could not even register. Sad.

Recently I have had some people ask me what happened to the forums and so I decided to put in some work and get them back up and running. After many upgrades, head pounding, and new additions, the new and improved astrophotography forum is ready for action.

ASForums Astrophotography Forum

While originally intended to support my books, since my books are primarily aimed at astrophotography, that theme will permeate the forums making them mostly an astrophotography forum. This should be pretty obvious with the big moon phase at the top right of the screen!

Of course there is a set of astronomy forums in there too. Even though most of my work has been with a DSLR, and most of my books cover that form of imaging, this is not just a DSLR astrophotography forum.

Since is one of the leading astrophotography websites today, it just made sense to have its own astrophotography forum where you can not only discuss the techniques presented in my books, but general imaging topics too.

So if you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or corrections about any of my books, or want to talk about astrophotography, astronomy, or any other subjects really, head on over to the forums. If you have any problems getting signed up, use the contact form here on to send me a message and I will get it straightened out for you.

Hop on over to the AS Forum and post up some astrophotography pics!

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  1. Could anyone help me please? We have a club 24″ f/12 Cassegrain telescope and are interested in purchasing a Starlight Xpress SX 25C (colour) camera. Even with a 2x telecompressor lens, we would be oversampling, as the 7.84 µm pixels would occupy only 0.45 arcseconds. However, the big chip, 3024×1024 pixels and 27.2 x 18.1 mm would give us a FOV of 22.5 x 15.0 arcminutes. It has an autoguiding output port, but that would likely not work for us, as we do not have the software that could use it.

    Also, does the camera come with software?

    Would this combination be a good choice for us?

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