Change A Watch Strap

Need to change a watch strap? Got one that is broken? want to change a watch strap to something with a different color or style? Its really easy so lets take a look. Just curious how to change watch band?

Most watches out there have standard springbars holding the straps on. There are a few that are a little weird, and some cheap ones that you really can not change out, but for the most part this will handle anything you run into. Watches have two lugs that hold the springbars. These lugs have holes in them for the springbar to insert into like this:

springbar holes

That hole lets the springbar slip in and hold the strap. The springbar is called a springbar because it has a spring in it. It looks like this:

A typical watch springbar

Note the lands on the ends. These are what your springbar tool grabs onto so that you can compress and release them. The end of a typical springbar tool looks like this:

A springbar tool

A springbar tool is available at any watch house or Amazon at the one of the links in this document. You can change watch strap without tool by using a screwdriver however this tool makes it so much easier to change a watch strap that I wouldn’t be without it. The recess in the end of the tool is made to go between the land on the springbar and the hold in the watch lug so you can pry the bar down and compress the spring. First you need to insert the tool like this:

Removing the old starp

Note that the recess in the end of the tool is around the end of the springbar. I always do this from the back of the watch in case something happens and I scratch or dent the lug the damage will not be visible when the watch is being worn. Now move the end of the tool away from you prying down between the lug and the strap, the springbar should compress and slip out like this:

how to change a watch strap

Sometimes when you change a watch strap the springbar will try to fly out so always make sure you are somewhere where you can find it when it does.

Now simply reverse the procedure to install a new strap, it’s that easy! Sometimes a springbar that has been in a strap for a long time is hard to get out, use the springbar tool to push it through the strap. Never use pliers or something similar to pull the springbar out as this will invariably damage the springbar and render it unusable or worse, cause it to release while you are wearing the watch! Now, go change a watch strap!

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Hope you are now confident enough to change a watch strap!


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