Astro Imaging, Astrophotography or Night Sky Photography

Here you will find information related to my astro imaging, astrophotography, or night sky photography.

I received my first real scope on August 22nd 2011 and started my journey into astrophotography on September 19th so give it some time to grow and for them to get better. Most of my images at this point are DSLR prime focus astrophotography but I am slowly transitioning to CCD. Click on an image to see a larger version.

astro imaging of M8

I primarily do astro imaging using long exposures of distant faint objects, deep sky photography if you will. Occasionally I also shoot other objects such as planets, the moon, the sun, comets, etc. Since I am so new to all of this I am constantly imaging things I never thought I would so you never know what you may find posted here! As my inventory of astrophotography equipment and specialized astrophotography software grows, so too will the range of images I capture.

astro imaging of a total solar eclipse

For those who have been here before and wonder where all the images went, check the menu above and you will see there is a new flyout menu when you hover over the word Astrophotography under the Astronomy menu. Since I have so many images now it was just getting too much for one page, even with the small thumbnails. I have now broken each section out onto its own page. This should help load times tremendously. These sections are then broken into DSLR astrophotography and CCD astrophotography sections.

My primary astrophotography rig

If you need to find me, I can always reached using the contact form on the menu above, or on the forums at

Astro imaging sections:

Messier Objects – Astro imaging of all 110 of the objects cataloged by French Astronomer Charles Messier in the 1700s.

Caldwell Objects – Astronomy photos of all of the objects I can capture in the northern hemisphere from the list by Sir Patrick “Caldwell” Moore created in 1995 as an alternative, or addition to the Messier list above.

Other Deep Space Objects – There are thousands and thousands of cataloged objects in the sky besides stars and the two lists above, here are some!

Solar System – The moon, sun, planets, comets and more!

Widefield/Other – Large expanses of the sky, and things that don’t fit anywhere else.


You can find information about my books here on my website, and most of my books, including those on  astrophotography or astro imaging are available on Amazon.

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