Messier Objects

All 110 Messier objects cataloged by French Astronomer Charles Messier in the 1700s are here, all shot with a DSLR and I am still working on shooting them all with the CCD camera. Click on one of the cameras below to go to the images shot with that type of camera.

Messsier Catalog DSLR

DSLR Images

Messier objects CCD

CCD Images

Popular Messier Objects

Objects from the Messier Catalog have long been the starting place for both visual astronomers and astrophotographers. Aside from the moon and planets, these are these are the perfect kind of deep sky object to introduce kids to. Virtually anyone with any interest of what is above us can spot the constellation Orion, and M42 the Orion Nebula in his belt.

M42 is one of those special targets that can be captured easily by even a point and shoot camera. It can however also be worked on for days if not months with hundreds of images to reveal its spectacular depth and detail. Few objects from any catalog are this flexible.

The second most popular of the Messier objects has to be M31, the Andromeda Galaxy. This is not only the closest galaxy to us, but is also the only one can that be seen with the naked eye from even light polluted areas. The Andromeda galaxy will, in several millions of years, crash into our Milky Way galaxy and the view then should be amazing!

You have probably seen M45 or the Pleaides, even if you have never looked up. Take a good look at the front end of any Subaru vehicle and note how their logo is patterned off this star formation. M45 is so bright, at least part of it can be seen at virtually any observing site, even through heavy light pollution. Astrophotography of this target shows faint wisps of very saturated blue nebulosity.

You can learn more about the Messier Catalog at Wikipedia.


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