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Below you will find astronomy links, astrophotography links and resources for all your astronomy equipment. If you have any resources that you think should be included here, use the contact form and send me a note.

Online forums: – Stargazers Lounge is my favorite general forum with tons of friendly and knowledgeable people ready to help. As one of the largest astronomy forums online (over two million posts and 1,500 unique visitors a day) you are sure to find tons of valuable information and some wonderful astrophotography as well. – Cloudy Nights has quite a lot of great information and some excellent reviews but also has a reputation for being a little more abrasive than other online forums. Although no one has ever been rude to me in any way, I have seen a few rather heated conversations. That aside, no forum I have found has anywhere near the quantity and quality of product reviews this forum has. There are also some very knowledgeable people here so there is always great information to be had. – Ice In Space is a fairly good sized forum primarily aimed at Australia but still contains some excellent information for anyone. Add to that a friendly mix of people and some high quality astrophotography and it is a very nice destination.

Companies that make or sell astronomy equipment: – Website for Orion Telescopes, although they sell other manufacturer’s items as well. Some of the best star gazing equipment out there. Excellent support and sales staff. – Excellent source for all kinds of astronomy supplies including high end filters, focusers and telescopes from Celestron, Meade, Vixen and Williams Optics. Fast shipping and good prices.

YouTube channels:

Allans-Stuff – My YouTube channel! Loaded with videos on astronomy, astrophotography, and many other topics. Be sure you subscribe while you are there.

Astronomy Shed – A fantastic gentleman in the UK who does excellent product reviews.

Astrophotography Tutorials – Doug has been putting up videos for more than five years and has a ton of excellent videos to choose from.

Whatever doesn’t fit anywhere else: – This is the primary place to find used astronomy equipment for sale. Sure, you can find stuff for sale on the forums as well, or on Craigslist, but this place is dedicated to astronomy gear and has a lot of stuff to choose from.

NASA – Probably among the best astronomy education resources out there.

This is not an exhaustive list of astronomy links and astrophotography links but should get you started.

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