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Data Recovery for Normal People is a new book that aims to make getting deleted or corrupted files back a lot simpler.  Designed for both beginners who have little knowledge of technical issues and for those who may work in computing fields and want to learn more, it delivers what you need to know in 9 parts, covering all the essential such as;
how data is lost, understanding data storage, recovering deleted or corrupted files, how to prevent future data losses, encryption and data destruction, and a whole lot more.

wp-cover-300 WordPress for Normal People aims to take you from not knowing what WordPress is, and only knowing what a website is from the end user’s point of view, then educating you all the way into being able to install, secure and maintain a fully interactive website by reading one single book. With an emphasis on the things you need for the website to work on a day to day basis, the focus is on simplicity for both the user and admin.  Simple, effective, fast, and with as little interaction from the admin as possible are the goals. And WordPress for Normal People delivers!

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