Huntsville astronomy club’s new website

The Huntsville astronomy club (Huntsville Amateur Astronomy Society) in Huntsville Texas is finally getting ready to move to a new website, complete with image galleries and a forum of our very own. The new address is and should feature a lot of great information not just for those in our area, but for anyone interested in astronomy in general. Come on by and take a look!

Huntsville astronomy Once you are finished looking at the new site be sure to email us tell us when you would like to come out to a meeting and meet the gang. We meet at the SHSU observatory which you can find with this Huntsville Texas Map that has the observatory marked. There is a lot of stuff going on in Huntsville astronomy!

The website has a lot of cool information, a forum where you can  communicate with other people, tons of astrophotography from our members, astronomy related weather forecasts, an all sky camera so you can see what the sky looks like at the observatory in real time, links to our member’s websites, and much more.

We meet on a pretty irregular schedule so check the website or email a member for information on the next upcoming meeting. Everyone is welcome, there are no dues, show up, have fun!

Thinking about getting into astronomy or astrophotography and not know where to start? Start by coming to a meeting or contacting the club and we will be more than happy to give you a tour, show you our equipment, and help you decide what you want to do. We can also help make equipment purchase decisions (although you can start a great astronomy hobby with just your eyes or a pair of binoculars!).

Are you a student at SHSU? Be sure to take the SHSU astronomy class! Our Huntsville Astronomy Club president is the instructor so you are sure to have a blast.

Here is a schedule to see when official things are happening at the SHSU astronomy observatory.

Come on out and join us for some astronomy in Huntsville Texas.

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