WordPress For Normal People

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WordPress is the perfect tool to help you build the website you’ve always wanted. But the ‘help’ aspect which is built into it isn’t always the right thing for someone who just getting started.   
What you need, and what this book will provide, is a book that shows you how to get off the ground and then build on that knowledge to give you a secure and usable website.
Written in distinct sections WordPress for Normal People will give you everything you need to know about;
* Getting Started
* The basics of websites and WordPress
* Getting WordPress up and running
* Using WordPress day to day
* Going past the basics
* Advertising and promoting your website
WordPress for Normal People aims to take you from not knowing what WordPress is, and only knowing what a website is from the end user’s point of view, then educating you all the way into being able to install, secure and maintain a fully interactive website by reading one single book.
With an emphasis on the things you need for the website to work on a day to day basis, the focus is on simplicity for both the user and admin.  Simple, effective, fast, and with as little interaction from the admin as possible are the goals. And WordPress for Normal People delivers!

Paperback / Kindle

Files related to this book can be downloaded below:

acrobat Read the table of contents
acrobat Read the introduction

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