Non-Fiction Publishing and Marketing for CreateSpace and Kindle

Welcome to my first book that isn’t about astronomy it is about all my non-fiction publishing efforts, Non-Fiction Publishing and Marketing for CreateSpace and Kindle.


So you’ve decided to write a book and get into non-fiction publishing. Now you find yourself faced with the seemingly infinitely harder second step – actually bringing the idea to market. In today’s brave new world of self-publishing and open creative markets, it is both an inviting and potentially intimidating arena for authors hoping to turn their non-fiction books into a meaningful source of income. This is a daunting task because it involves a blend of several disciplines that aren’t necessarily part of an author’s quiver of arrows. Most crucial among these are marketing and digital publishing, each of which requires fluency in fields that authors may or may not have experience in.

But just because there are several disciplines that must come into play doesn’t mean that the process is overcomplicated or even terribly time consuming. Allan Hall, in “Non-Fiction Publishing and Marketing for CreateSpace and Kindle” lays out the simple and direct approach that made turning publishing non-fiction into a second income both doable and minimal in its time requirements. In short: you can be an expert in your field, present your work well, and reach a paying readership online without overrunning your schedule or requiring drastic changes.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could make a good second income writing – then this book is for you. If you have wondered about how other publishers of non fiction books do it, this book is for you.

The book follows the process from start to finish using a logical order of operations that every author will need during the undertaking of such a project. Beginning with marketing and what it means in today’s online publishing realm, This book outlines how to categorize and present your book for maximum reach. From the book’s all-important content and what it means to you to the title itself; you needn’t approach any decision without the wealth of practical advice found in Hall’s guidebook.

Other topics include dealing with non fiction publishing companies such as Amazon’s Author Central. Kindle Publishing protocol and tips, navigating Createspace, and what goes into effective Front and Back Cover planning.

Hall’s work is – perhaps most helpfully – written from a perspective that authors will relate to. In this book the focus is squarely on how to use spare time to create a supplementary income source; guaranteeing that an approachable and reasonable effort level is required – and nothing more. By directly analysing the requirements of publishing and marketing, based on Hall’s own experience with a successful series of astrophotography guides, this book is designed to fit into your life even if you don’t consider yourself to have the time needed to mount a successful self publishing project.

You do. And this book is the resource that will take you there.

Succinctly, authoritatively, and with a wealth of direct, up-to-date experience; Hall outlines how the average person with little free time and no publishing experience can utilize Amazon’s two primary publishing services – Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace – to great effect.

Distilling practical information from years of research and experience, Hall makes this book a rich yet manageable resource for authors and would-be authors alike. non-fiction publishing

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As an aside, readers will see a lot of talk about kites. I used a (currently) hypothetical book on kites as the project to work through issues such as researching ideas, titles and marketing angles. While I do not (currently) have a book on kites, that doesn’t mean that the whole idea behind it was purely fabrication…

Frame-25-10-2015-08-25-03Yes, that is actually me flying a stunt kite over the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston Island Texas. Call it inexpensive therapy 🙂

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