Data Recovery For Normal People

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Information Technology is an area which is constantly on the move, sometimes at a speed which is dizzying and difficult to keep pace with.  In particular data recovery can be one of the more complex problems you might encounter and in order to keep up with the latest trends and information you could be required to read endless tomes, watch hours of videos or trawl through myriad blogs.  The sheer amount of information is often overwhelming and confusing.  

Data Recovery for Normal People is a new book which aims to make this process a lot simpler.  Designed for both beginners who have little knowledge of technical issues and for those who may own their own computing business and want to learn more, it delivers what you need to know in 9 parts, covering all the essential such as;

•    How data is lost
•    Understanding data storage
•    Recovering deleted or corrupted files
•    How to prevent future data losses
•    Encryption and data destruction
•    And a whole lot more…

You will also find explanations behind the hardware and software, helping you to understand why some data can be recovered and some cannot.

Data Recovery for Normal People also provides a foundation in file storage in general.  It is a comprehensive and important read for anyone who wants to understand a bit more about the problems that data loss can bring, and whether you are a novice or a budding enthusiast this is one book you cannot afford to miss.

Get your copy today.  Use it as a ‘how to’ manual for everyday issues, or as a handy guide to be picked up and studied when problems occur.  


Paperback / Kindle


Files related to this book can be downloaded below:

 acrobat  Read the table of contents 
 acrobat  Read the introduction 


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