Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope

Dobsonian telescopes are the most popular beginner telescope and first came to prominence in the 1960’s. They have provided many thousands of amateur sky-watchers with a low-cost, dependable telescope which allows them to see deep into the night skies.

There are numerous types of this popular telescope which are available to buy, and getting the one that best suits your needs is something that could prove to be a challenge.

In this new book by Allan Hall, Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope, you will find all the information you will need to make the most informed choice on your purchase, including:

*    A brief history of the telescope
*    The different manufacturers
*    Selecting the right one for your purposes
*    Accessories
*    Set up and use
*    Useful tips and tricks
*    Where to find more information
*    And much more…

A telescope is not an insignificant purchase and you may want to make sure you spend your hard earned money where it counts when it comes to getting the right piece of equipment for your star-gazing, so it pays to make sure that you are going to buy something that is relevant to you and which will give you many years of pleasure.

By reading Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope, you will become more informed and better positioned to make the right choice, the first time.

And with a special section devoted to the accessories you can buy, including things like eyepieces, filters, cases, collimators and many more, you will also be making the right choices when it comes to these too.

Whether you are watching the skies from the comfort of your own back yard, or using your telescope at a remote dark site it pays to get the right equipment for you.

Get your copy of Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope now! Make sure you know all about this wonderful type of telescope, before you buy.

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Files related to this book can be downloaded below:

acrobat Read the table of contents
acrobat Read the introduction
 acrobat  Read the back cover


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