Time for a new coat of paint, website paint that is.

As you may have noticed, the website looks a little different. After many (and I mean many) years I have finally quit designing and publishing a website by editing HTML and now everything is in WordPress. This should make the site faster, cleaner and allow for a far superior mobile experience.

The bad news is that the website is huge, and so this will take quite a bit of time. The basics including book pages, how to articles, blog (news section), and forumsĀ are online and functional. The hundreds of astrophotography images and pages will take a little more time.

The good news is that this will allow for some much needed updating in design, layout and images. If you are patient I think you will really like the new site, I have some interesting plans.

Just to commemorate this event, here is a reminder of what the old site looked like:


As always, use the contact page to let me know if you find a problem (other than a page isn’t there anymore as I am steadily working on adding them back in).


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