Endeavour’s last flight

This past week I was fortunate enough to be in Houston when the Space Shuttle Endeavour was flown through on its way to California. I have never been lucky enough to actually see one of the shuttles in person so I made the quick trip to the other side of town to shoot a few images of this space shuttle viewing put on by NASA. It was truely awe inspiring.

Space Shutle Endeavour on a 747

To think, this shuttle right in front of me has been launched into orbit 25 times, over two hundred and fifty miles high each time, traveled over 122,000,000 miles and safely returned 154 astronauts to earth.

shuttle on display This voyage would be the last time anyone would ever see a space shuttle on top of the 747 used to transport it from the landings in California to the launch pad in Florida. Indeed, this was the last time one would ever be in the air at all. I used this opportunity to shoot the normal images above and one special image here:

space shuttle Endeavour

What’s so special about this picture? This is a resized copy of an set of sticthed images which are almost 200 megapixels in size, that means it can be printed at just over eight feet wide with no enlargement and be razor sharp from inches away. To give you an idea, here is a small glimpse of what a section of the image would look like at full resolution:

side of shuttle enlarged Honestly, because the blog resizes images, this image shows a little too much and would actually be zoomed in a little more than what you see here.

This is truely an end of an era. No matter how well the new Orion spacecraft performs, it will never reach the majesty and beauty of space shuttle like Endeavour. Never making it to see one of these beauties launch will remain one of my greatest regrets. Hopefully that will spur me to make it to watch something other than a space shuttle launch.

I hope you enjoyed my space shuttle Endeavour images!

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