This time I am doing things different

I have decided I want to get back into astronomy, specifically astrophotography. I will not make the same mistake I made last time of getting a scope because it was “highly recommended” and “what the vast majority of newcommers start with”. I am fortunate enough to have some money to throw at this and want something that will do a good job. I don’t want compromises. OK, I realize everything is a compromise, but I want something designed to do exactly what I want it to do, and do it well.

I am lucky in that this time not only do I have substantially more money than last time, and a greater desire to get serious, but also I now have the internet so I can do a lot (tons, and I mean tons) of research before I spend a dime. I am pretty good at that!

To start with I have grabbed copies of Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines to see what all is going on and find some vendors. It looks like the three big boys are still Celestron, Meade and Orion so I will have to check out the offerings from those three first. This is going to be fun!

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