How to Find Objects in the Night Sky

How to Find Objects in the Night Sky - Front Cover How to Find Objects in the Night Sky - Back Cover

Do you have a hard time finding objects in the night sky? I sure used to!

When I got my first telescope I was so excited I could barely assemble it with my shaking hands. Once outside my excitement was doubled as I looked at the moon. I must have spent half an hour just looking at the craters.

All that excitement was stripped away within minutes after than because I had no idea how to find anything else in the sky. 

The books I had read on astronomy had all these beautiful images of nebulae and galaxies, but no matter where I pointed my telescope, I saw nothing but stars. I thought I had it solved when I found the coordinates of some objects I really wanted to see, moved the telescope until the readings on the dials matched those coordinates, and was looking at the ground. In disgust the telescope became a living room decoration.

This book aims to solve that issue by teaching you how to navigate the night sky. You will learn the star hopping, altitude azimuth, and right ascension declination methods of navigation. Sections will not only teach you what the terms mean, but give you example you can use to actually find things on your own.

If you want to really learn how to find objects in the night sky, you need this book, get your copy now!

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