Catalog Number: HIP 65474
Common Name:  Spica
Date Taken:  05/09/2012
 Location:  Sam Houston State University Observatory 30.810924° N 95.434134° W 233 ft  
 Telescope/Lens Used:  Orion Premium 110mm ED APO Refractor
 Barlow/Eyepiece/Filter:  Star Analyser 100 1.25″ Grating Filter
 Camera:  Nikon D7000 unmodded
 Settings:  ISO400 2Sec
 Lights:  1
 Darks:  0
 Flats:  0
 Bias:  0
Final Resolution:  
Notes: Spica is a type B1v star which is a very hot main sequence star. Note the dark bands between 5850 and 5900 which include absorption lines for helium and sodium. 


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