Catalog Number: HIP 67927, n Boo
Common Name: Muphrid
Date Taken: 05/09/2012
 Location: Sam Houston State University Observatory 30.810924° N 95.434134° W 233 ft  
 Telescope/Lens Used: Orion Premium 110mm ED APO Refractor
 Barlow/Eyepiece/Filter: Star Analyser 100 1.25″ Grating Filter
 Camera: Nikon D7000 unmodded
 Lights: 1
 Darks: 0
 Flats: 0
 Bias: 0
Final Resolution:  
Notes: Muphrid is a type G0iv star very similar to our own sun which is a G2V. Lines between 5400 and 5500 show iron and nickel while a little further down around 5200 are magnesium absorption lines. Just over 5000 shows not only some iron but also titanium. Magnesium reappears down at about 4700 with more iron and titanium around 4550.


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