Arcturus, HIP 69673


 Catalog Number: a Boo, HIP 69673
Common Name: Arcturus
Date Taken: 05/01/2012 11:39PM CDT
 Location: Sam Houston State University Observatory 30.810924° N 95.434134° W 233 ft  
 Telescope/Lens Used: Orion Premium 110mm ED APO Refractor
 Barlow/Eyepiece/Filter: Star Analyser 100 1.25″ Grating Filter
 Camera: Nikon D7000 unmodded
 Settings: ISO400 2Sec
 Lights: 1
 Darks: 0
 Flats: 0
 Bias: 0
Final Resolution:  
Notes: Arcturus is a main sequence type K2iii star about 36 light years away. An interesting thing about this profile is the 5850-5900 range showing sodium and calcium absorption lines. At 5160-5180 a large concentration of magnesium lines appears. Lines just before and just after 5400 showing iron and the dark lines just before 4300 showing CH or methane are also interesting. This is a wonderful and easy star to start your spectroscopy adventure with.

For a ton of Arcturus facts and more information about HIP 69673 visit Wikipedia.

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