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Question on Polar alignment  


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22/06/2013 1:04 pm  

Alignment has always been a problem for me, especially at my home because I cannot see the north star due to trees. I have read your recommendation for Alignmaster and looked at their web site and video but still have a question for clarity. I assume that the process is to align using the mount software then refine the alignment using Alignmaster. Will I be able to align using a level and compass without the North Star and then rely on Alignmaster to help me get the alignment correct? Without the North Star my alignment is definitely not good enough for astrophotography and sometimes it is not good enough to get the mount to put a star in the viewfinder. If Alignmaster can correct that mess I am sold!

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11/07/2013 10:51 pm  

I have no idea how I missed this post, I apologize profusely.

If you can not see the north star you will need something like the all-star polar alignment routine built into most Celestron and updated Orion/Synta/Skywatcher mounts (mentioned on page 20 of the book). This will allow you to do a polar alignment without Polaris, then you can use Alignmaster for fine tuning.



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