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Flat Frames  


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29/07/2014 10:24 pm  

In the book you recommend doing the flat frames with a t-shirt over the scope at daytime, but later in the setup steps on page 137 you mention installing a flat frame light source for exposing flats (step 47). What do you use for a light source at night that doesn't kill night vision?

Also, how many flat/dark frames do you recommend? Is 10 enough, or do you need more? How close does the temperature need to be to be a good match? Is +/- 5 degrees close enough?

Thanks for all your help, the book is awesome and I'm looking forward to learning with your book as my guide.

-Mike Pusatera

Allan Hall
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29/07/2014 10:52 pm  

I use a custom light box for my flats as detailed on page 243.

I discuss the number of darks and flats starting on page 92, that flows over to 93 and the start of 94. Basically, start with 20 and go from there.

I use +/-5 degrees as my baseline for matching darks to lights with a DSLR. The camera sensor will typically vary more than that over a night of imaging anyway so I feel that is more than close enough.

Glad you are enjoying it!



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