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24/06/2013 12:50 pm  

I am trying to get up and running in astrophotography and am currently making purchasing decisions on software. I already have a Celestron mount and as I read Allen's book I understand that the mount I have does not support EQMOD. Is anyone out there running all the software that is recommended without EQMOD? Can anyone share what the differences are in how the systems work without EQMOD? I see great information in the book on what can be done using EQMOD but I am not clear on how all this works without EQMOD. Any advice would be appreciated.

Allan Hall
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27/06/2013 10:06 am  

EQMOD is a wonderful piece of software, but even without it you can run pretty much everything I talk about in the book. All the pieces talk through a protocol called ASCOM, and everything I talk about in the book such as TheSkyX, AstroPlanner, etc, all "talk" ASCOM so they communicate with each other and the mount.

EQMOD pretty much acts just like another ASCOM application so it being there or not only really matters for the capability it provides by itself, such as the ability to use a gamepad to move the scope, voice confirmations on what is happening, etc. Without EQMOD you do not have those specific capabilities but nothing else really changes.

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