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Dark Frames  


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22/12/2013 1:52 am  

Hi Allan,

I've been reading your book which I like so much. Many answers to questions and good explanations. On page 137, you mention taking dark frames in your refrigerator! Do you prefer the crisper drawer or shelf where the milk is? Ha, seriously though can you explain exactly how these frames are taken? I'm having a difficult time working out the logistics of the camera and the laptop running BYeos or how the camera does the dark frame by itself. The lens cap is left on, but how do you leave the shutter closed. I'm confused.


Allan Hall
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04/01/2014 7:58 pm  

Sorry, was on Christmas vacation.

When the outside temp is roughly the same as the inside of my fridge, I can put my DSLR in the fridge (or freezer if that is a closer match to the outside temps) running the cables outside to a computer sitting on the kitchen counter. I then tell the computer to take around 25 frames at the same ISO and shutter speed as the lights I took outside, leaving the lens or body cap on of course.

Those become the darks that I combine with the lights to make the finished image.



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