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Announcing Getting Started: Using an Equatorial Telescope Mount  


Allan Hall
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13/07/2014 10:44 pm  

When helping people who want to start astrophotography with no astronomy experience or equipment it never fails that a large percentage of the questions revolve around the equatorial mount. As I released more books there were little additions to them regarding the EQ mount but no one place that had all the information. I decided to put all the information (and some more) into one book.

While the EQ mount is very important, and can be somewhat complex to the uninitiated, I could not see filling a full sized book, making a print edition, or charging a full $9.99 like my other Kindle titles. I chose instead to create my first Kindle only publication and cut the price down to just $4.99.

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps take some of the mystery out of the equatorial mount.


PS. It should be available within a day on

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04/08/2014 10:44 am  

I was about to post a question about aligning a mount... and then I noticed this post. Your book answered my questions. 😀




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